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Sun, May 26, 2019
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Bu-Ali Mausoleum and Museum

in Hamedan

Bu-Ali University Natural History Museum

in Hamedan


Hegmataneh Museum

in Hamedan


Population : 1,677,957  Area : 19,493 sq km  Altitude : 1,749 m  Average Temperature : 10.9º C

Geographical Position
Hamedan  Province with an area of 19,546 sq. km. and is located to the west of Iran.

Hamadan Province Position

Townships of Hamadan Province:
Asad Abad 








Hamadan Province Province Map

Historical Monuments
Alavian Tomb, Hamadan

Avecina Tomb, Hamadan

Baba Taher Oryan Tomb, Hamadan

Esteroo Mord Khay Tomb, Hamadan

Ganj Nameh Inscription, Hamadan

Hamadan Bazaar, Hamadan

Hegmataneh (Ekbatan) Hills, Hamadan

Mir Razieddin Artimany Tomb, Twiserkan

Nooshijan Castle, Malayer

Qorban Tower, Hamadan

Asad Abadi Tomb, Asad Abad

Avecina Tomb

Culture & Art
Avecina Museum, Hamadan


Religious Monuments

Habaqooq-e-Nabi Mausoleum, Twiserkan

Hamadan Jame' Mosque, Hamadan

Imamzadeh Abdollah, Hamadan

Imamzadeh Mohsen (Kooh), Hamadan

 Baba Taher Oryan Tomb


Travel and Accommodation , Hamadan
The province of Hamadan has an excellent network of roads, communications and telecommunications. Good medical and accommodation facilities are also available. Easy access can be gained to this province from other parts of the country.

Ganj Nameh Inscription

Useful phones:
Tourism Office (0811) 36070-9

Education (0811) 34041-5

Post Office (0811) 20555

Road Police (0811) 32080

Red Cressent Association (0811) 22206

Avecina Tomb (0811) 31008

Baba Taher Tomb (0811) 226517

Hafez Abu Ala (Qorban Tower) Tomb, Hamadan

Hotels & Restaurants
bu Ali Hotel (0811) 23070

Pars Hotel (0811) 23464

Enqelab Hotel (0811) 2-52001

Hegmataneh Hotel (0811) 247471-4

Baba Taher Hotel (0811) 224183

Fajr Restaurant (0811) 26059

Gulha Restaurant (0811) 221855

Sina Restaurant (0811) 31631

Governor Guest House (0811) 30371

Hamadan Guest House (0811) 227527

Ekbatan Guest House (0811) 224024

Aordibehisht Guest House (0811) 222056

Vahdat Guest House (0811) 228178

Lalejin Handicrafts


Travel Agents, Hamadan
Iran Air Office (0811) 2274460

Bus Terminal (0811) 222462

Iran Payma Bus Coop. (0811) 244005

Bus Coop. No. 2 (0811) 244429

Ekbatan Tour (0811) 225033

Abu Ali Transport (0811) 241710

Bus Coop. No. 8 (0811) 222462

Auto Hamadan Bus Coop. (0811) 227409

Mihan Tour Bus Coop. (0811) 23860

T.B.T. Bus Coop. (0811) 227377

Asre Iran Bus Coop. (0811) 244004

Aseman Tour (0811) 33321

Alisadr Cave



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