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Sun, May 26, 2019
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Aineh va Rowshanai Museum
in Yazd

The Education Department Natural History Museum

in Yazd



Population : 750,769  Area : 72,156 sq km Altitude : 1,230 m Average Temperature : 18.9 º C

Geographical Position
The province of Yazd with an area of 73,467 sq.km., is located in the center of Iran, and according to latest divisions of the country, it is divided into seven townships.

Yazd Province Position

Townships of Yazd Province:
 Abar Kooh







Yazd Province Province Map

Historical Monuments
Chak Chakoo (Peersuz) Fire Temple, Yazd

Dowlat Abad Garden, Yazd

Narenj (Narin) Castle, Maybod

Water Reservoirs,Yazd

Wind Trappers,Yazd

Old Castle, Yazd

Culture & Art
Shahrood Museum, Shahrood


Tradetional Coffee House in Yazd Old Bath, Yazd

Religious Monuments

Imamzadeh Abu Jafar, Yazd

Kabir Jame' Mosque, Yazd

Mir Chakhmaq Mosque, Yazd

Sheikh Ali Benyamin Monastery, Yazd

Kabir Jame Mosque, Yazd

Travel and Accommodation , Yazd
One can find easy access to the various cities of Yazd, because of an excellent network of roads. Besides which other facilities such as telecommunications, medical and accommodation services are also readily available. There are continuous flights from Tehran and some other cities to Yazd, and the Tehran - Kerman railway passes along some of the towns of the province.

 Imamzadeh Abu Jafar, Yazd

Useful phones:
Tourism Office, Yazd (0351) 38046-8

Tourism Office, Maybod (03544) 2299

Tourism Office, Bafq (03543) 3440

Tourism Office, Mehreez (03545) 3010

Tourism Office, Taft (03546) 2200

Tourism Office, Abar Kooh (03572) 2957

Tourism Office, Ardakan (03542) 4160

Public Places Office, Yazd (0351) 66663

Public Places Office, Ardakan (03542) 2140

Urgent Events and Accedents, Yazd (0351) 115

Air Line Office, Yazd (0351) 38030

 Shesh Badgir Water Reservoir, Yazd

Hotels & Restaurants
Tourism Guest House (0351) 47221-2

Beheshti Hotel (0351) 24717

Enqelab Hotel (0351) 54111

Etminan Hotel (0351) 23653

Farhang Hotel (0351) 35011-12

Kavir Guest House (0351) 35525

Amir Chakhmaq Hotel (0351) 69823

Ordibehesht Hotel (0351) 34990

Zohreh Hotel (0351) 68229

Mellat Hotel (0351) 52896

Naj Hotel (0351) 66551

Bahareh Hotel (0351) 25753

Arya Hotel (0351) 60411

Pars Hotel (0351) 62824

Tourism Guest House, Ardakan (03542) 3925

Tallar Yazd Restaurant (0351) 52019

Naqsh Jahan Restaurant (0351) 26311

Ordibehesht Restaurant (0351) 34990

 Shesh Badgir Water Reservoir, Yazd

Abar Kooh water Reservoir, Abar Kooh




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