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Sun, May 26, 2019
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Hazrati Bathhouse Ethnological Museum
in Semnan

Shahrud Museum

in Shahrud



Population : 457,000  Area : 95,815 sq km Altitude : 1,171 m  Average  Temperature : 17.7 º C

Geographical Position
The province of Semnan covers an area of 96,816 square kilometers, to the east of which is Khorassan province, to the north are the provinces of Golestan and Mazandaran, to the west stand the provinces of Tehran and Qom, and to its south is Esfahan province.

Semnan Province Position

Townships of Semnan Province:




Semnan Province Province Map

Historical Monuments
Ahowan Shah Soleimani Carvansary, Semnan

Ali Spring & Edifice, Damqan

Arg Gate (Darvazeh Arg), Semnan

Bayazid Bastami Tomb, Shahrood

Chehel Dokhtar Tower, Semnan

Ebne Yamin-e-Forumadi Tomb, Shahrood

Hazrat Bath, Semnan

Nasar (Nohesar) Hill, Semnan

Peer-e-Alamdar Tower, Damqan

Shah Abbasi Carvansary, Semnan

Sheikh Abol Hassan Kharqani Tomb, Shahrood

An Ice Pit, Damqan

Culture & Art
Shahrood Museum, Shahrood


Khan Beigi Ceramic, Handicrafts and Souvenirs, Semnan

Religious Monuments

Damqan Jame' Mosque, Damqan

Hazrat Ali-ebne Ja'far Mausoleum, Semnan

Semnan Jame' Mosque, Semnan

Tarikhaneh Mosque, Damqan

Bayazid Bastami Tomb, Shahrood

Travel and Accommodation , Semnan
Easy access can be gained to Semnan province and its cities. Hotel accommodation is available in the cities of this vicinity. The people of Semnan province are kind and hospitable to tourists foreigners and visitors.

Chehel Dokhtaran Tower, Semnan

Useful phones:
Tourism Center, Semnan (0231) 22252

Tourism Center, Garmsar (0231) 3137

Tourism Center, Damqan (02233) 2044

Tourism Center, Shahrood (0273) 2797

Public Places Center, Semnan (0231) 23025

Public Places Center, Damqan (02233) 2696

Public Places Center, Shahrood (0273) 22128

Public Places Center, Garmsar (02252) 3777

Semnan, Desert

Hotels & Restaurants
Reza Hotel, Shahmirzad (02336) 31433-5

Qods Hotel, Semnan (0231) 22177

Reza Hotel, Shahrood (0273) 6323

Tourist Guesthouse, Shahrood (0273) 26078

Tourist Guesthouse, Damqan (02233) 2070

Babak Hotel, Damqan (02233) 4164

Mohebbi Restaurant, Semnan (0231) 22489

Yass Restaurant, Semnan (0231) 22244

Maytham Restaurant in Semnan (0231) 22215

Embossment of Peer-e-Alamdar Tower, Damqan


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