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Sun, May 26, 2019
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Qom Holy Shrine Museum (1935)
Add: Qom, Astaneh Sq.
Tel: 741429
Visiting Hours: 8:00 - 13:00
Closed on religious holidays
Comment: Safavid and Qajar period Qoran manuscripts,
Kufic Qoran manuscripts, glazed tiles.


Population : 853,000  Area : 14,631 sq km  Altitude : 930 m   Average Temperature : 19 º C

Geographical Position
The province of Qom is situated to the south of the province of Tehran, and covers an area of 11,237 sq.km.

Qom Province Position

Townships of Qom Province:

Qom Province Province Map

Historical Monuments
Gonbad Sabz Mausoleums, Qom

Hadi Mahdi Cypress Tree, Qom

Imam Khomeini House, Qom

Jahangir Khan School, Qom

Qal'eh Sangi Carvansary, Qom

Qom Bazaar, Qom

Qom Feiziyeh School, Qom

Hazrat Masoomeh Holy Shrine, Qom


Culture & Art

Hazrat Ma'soomeh Holy Shrine Museum, Qom

Small Carpet, Qom

Religious Monuments

A'zam Mosque, Qom

Hazrat Fatimeh Ma'soomeh Shrine, Qom

Imamzadeh Ali-ebne Ja'far, Qom

Imamzadeh Ma'soomeh, Qom

Imamzadeh Shah Hamzeh, Qom

Qom Jame' Mosque, Qom

Qom Azam Mosque, Qom

Travel and Accommodation , Qom
The province of Qom is well equipped with communicative routes, telecommunication system and medical facilities. One can gain easy access to this province which has hotels and guest-houses to suit every budget.

Molla Sadra House, Qom

Useful phones:
Astaneh Museum (0251) 741491

Cultural Heritage Directorate (0251) 736082

Police (0251) 733066-7

Tourism Directorate (0251) 740431

Qaleh Sangi Caravansary, Qom

Alnabi Hotel (0251) 744270

Alzahra Hotel (0251) 744004

Wram Hotel (0251) 744089

Rose Hotel (0251) 49994

Baba Ali Apartment Hotel (0251) 731919

Safa Apartment Hotel (0251) 732499

Imamzadeh Ali-ebne Jafar (Dar Behesht), Qom

Travel Agents
Iran Air (0251) 933096

Hedieh Tour (0251) 927189

Shahin Tour (0251) 927189

Marjan Tour (0251) 49797

Etemad Tour (0251) 927189

Faraz Tour (0251) 935931

Bus Terminal (0251) 44000

Gonbad Sabz Mausoleums, Qom

Markazi (0251) 736076

Amir Kabir (0251) 42627

Madaen (0251) 933737

Morvarid (0251) 965356

Payvand (0251) 931414

Rose (0251) 49994

The 500 Years Old Cypress Tree, Qom



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