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Sun, May 26, 2019
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Chehel-Sotun Museum
in Qazvin

Shohada (Martyrs) Museum of Qazvin

in Qazvin



Population : 968,257  Area : sq km  Altitude : 1,304 m  Average  Temperature : 13.2 º C

Geographical Position
The province of Qazvin, geographically is like a bridge connecting the capital of the country to the northern and western parts.

Qazvin Province Position

Townships of Qazvin Province:
 Bo'inn Zahra



Qazvin Province Province Map

Historical Monuments
Alamoot (Hassan Sabbah) Castle, Qazvin

Hamdollah Mostowfi Tomb, Qazvin

Kharaqan Towers, Qazvin

Kolah Farangi Pavilion & Museum, Qazvin

Mohammad Abad Khorhe Carvansary, Qazvin

Qazvin Bazaar, Qazvin

Alamoot (Hassan Sabbah) Castle, Qazvin


Culture & Art
Kolah Farangi Pavillion & Museum, Qazvin

Kolah Farangi Edifice Museum, Qazvin

Religious Monuments

Alnabi Mosque, Qazvin

Aminieh Mosque, Qazvin

  Imamzadeh Shahzadeh Hossein, Qazvin

  Qazvin Kabir Jame' Mosque, Qazvin

  Imamzadeh Shahzadeh Hossein, Qazvin

Travel and Accommodation , Qazvin
The cities of Qazvin province have an excellent road and telecommunication network. Gaining access to the province is of no problem. Medical facilities are also available. Various kinds of accommodation are offered in the cities. Hotel and guesthouses are present to suit the requirements of visitors.

Ovan Lake, Qazvin

Useful phones:
Police, Sanandaj (0871) 36145

  Public Places Police (0281) 20140

  Telecommunication Office (0281) 22063-5

  Railroad Station (0281) 23481-3

  Highway Patrol, Qazvin - Rasht (0281) 23401

  Highway Patrol, Qazvin - Hamadan (0281) 23402

  Passport Office (0281) 34123

  Iran Tourism Organization (0281) 23920-8

  Cultural Heritage Office (0281) 34499

 Kharaqan Towers, Qazvin

Tehran Old Gateway, Qazvin

Marmar Hotel (0281) 24024

Alborz Hotel (0281) 22631

Qods Hotel (0281) 27437

Takestan Guest House (02834) 2247

Nocturnal of Alnabi Mosque, Qazvin



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