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Sat, June 06, 2020
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Kerman Holy defense museum
Visiting Hours:

Museum Hours: 9:00AM - 6:00PM
Last Admission: 5:30PM
Visiting time will not be limited .
Comment: On Friday & on public and religious holidays will be closed.




Population : 2,004,000 Area : 175,069 sq km Altitude : 1,754 m Average Temperature : 15.5 º C

Geographical Position
Kerman province with an area of 181,714 sq. km. and is located in the south east of Iran.

Kerman Province Position

Townships of Kerman Province:










Kerman Province Province Map

Historical Monuments
Bam Citadel, Bam

Ganj Ali Khan Bath, Kerman

Jabaliyeh Dome, Kerman

Kerman Bazaar, Kerman

Moayedi Ice Pit, Kerman

Moshtaqiyeh Dome, Kerman

Naderi Tower, Kerman

Shah Nematollah-e-Vali Memorial, Kerman

Vakil Traditional Tea House or Bath, Kerman

Bam Citadel, Bam

Culture & Art
Anthrpological Museum (Ganj Ali Khan Bath), Kerman


Pateh Doozi

Religious Monuments

Chehel Sotune Mosque, Kerman

Ganj Ali Khan Mosque, Kerman

Imamzadeh Zeid, Kerman

Imamzadeh Shahzadeh Hossein, Kerman

Kerman Jame' Mosque, Kerman

Ganj Ali Khan Mosque, Kerman

Travel and Accommodation , Kerman
Kerman is one of  this province are interconnected with each other by a net work of roads and railway. The cities of Kerman, Sirjan and Jiroft are equipped with airport facilities, so as to facilitate passengers and cargo. Moreover, the cities of the province are implemented with energy supplying network such as oil, gas and electricity as well as tele-communications, medical services, hotels, tourist centers and guest houses.

Kerman Desert

Useful phones:
Tourism Office, Kerman (0341) 228030

Tourism Office, Jiroft (03449) 5004

Tourism Office, Rafsanjan (03431) 4449

Public Places Police, Kerman (0341) 223194

Public Places Police, Rafsanjan (03431) 7107

Ganj Ali Khan Museum, Kerman (0341) 25577

Kerman Air Port (0341) 226005

Kerman's Vakil Bazaar

Grand Guest House, Kerman (0341) 45203-5

Mahan Guest House (0342622) 2700

Bam Guest House (0344) 3223

Sirjan Guest House (0345) 27887

Rafsanjan Guest House (03431) 2050

Baq-e-Shahzadeh, Mahan (0342622) 2103

Pariz Guest House, Rafsanjan (03431) 5303

Hezar Guest House, Kerman (0341) 260040-41

Akhawan Guest House, Kerman (0341) 49113

Naaz Guest House, Keman (0341) 46786

Kerman Guest House, Kerman (0341) 232999

Shahre Babak Guest House, Shahre Babak (03488) 2666

Sahra Guest House, Kerman (0341) 22321

Amin Guest House, Kerman (0341) 229664

Tourist House, Bam (0344) 4783

Ganj Ali Khan Public Bath in Kerman


Travel Agents, Kerman
Kerman Zameen (0341) 44421

Gulgasht (Karmanya Tour) (0341) 56585

Kerman Sayr Air Tour Office (0341) 40648

Sayr Kerman Air Tour Office (0341) 221111

Shahzadeh Garden in Kerman


Restaurants, Kerman
  Shahre Shab (0771) 667877

Mehrabi (0341) 50022

Marmar (0341) 325052

Bozorg Shahr (0341) 46475

Khayam (0341) 49227

Traditional Tea House, Kerman (0341) 225989


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