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Sat, July 20, 2019
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Gorgan Museum (1962)
Add: Gorgan, Shohada Sq., Emamzadeh Abdollah Ave.
Tel: 22364
Visiting Hours:  8:00 - 14:00
Closed on Mondays and public and religious holidays
Comment:  Archaeological and ethnological.





  Population : 1,426,000    Area : 22,000 sq km   Altitude : 160 m  Average Temperature : 18º C

Geographical Position
Golestan province with an area of 20,380.7 square km., is in the southeast of the Caspian Sea. 

Golestan Province Position

Townships of Golestan Province:
Ali Abad  Bandar Gaz  Bandar Turkaman  Gonbad Kavoos  Gorgan  Kord Kooy  Minoo Dasht

Golestan Province Province Map

Historical Monuments
Aq Qala Bridge, Gorgan

Gonbad Qaboos, Gonbad Kavoos

Radkan Qarbi (West Radkan) Tower, Kord Kooy

Gonbad Qaboos

Culture & Art

Turkaman Tribes

Turkaman Handmade Carpet

Religious Monuments

 Gorgan Jame' Mosque, Gorgan

  Imamzadeh Noor (Eshaq), Gorgan

 Imamzadeh Noor (Eshaq), Gorgan



Travel and Accommodation , Golestan  
Golestan is one of the townships of the province are equipped with communicating roads, tele-communication network and medical services. The various cities provide hotels and other accommodation facilities. People are familier with the tourism industry and are hospitable to visitors and tourists

Govkoshan Mountain, Gorgan

Useful phones:
  Iran Air (Homa) Office (0771) 28000

Governor General (0171) 40705

Police (0171) 29238

Roads & Transportation Office (0171) 23131-2

Tourism Directorate (0171) 27816

Traffic Police (0171) 20260

Outlook of Turkaman Tent

Hotels & Restaurants
Naharkhoran Hotel (0171) 21278

Tahmasbi Hotel (0171) 22780

Maaroof Hotel (0171) 52591-3

Taslimi Hotel (0171) 24814

Shahrdari Hotel (0171) 28077

Akbar Joojeh Restaurant (0171) 32333

Babataher Restaurant (0171) 31332

Golestan National Park


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