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Sun, May 26, 2019
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Pars Museum

in Khalkhal

Persepolis Museum
in Shiraz

Afif Abad Military Museum
in Shirz

Other Musemums:

Anatomy Museum

Narenjestan Museum

Stone Museum  



 Population : 3,817,000   Area : 133,000 sq km     Altitude : 1,491 m    Average    Temperature : 16.8 º C

Geographical Position
Fars Province with an area of 122,400 sq. km. is located to the south of Esfahan Province.

Fars Province Position

Townships of Fars Province:
 Abadeh  Bovanat  Darab  Eqleed   Estahban  Fasa  Firooz Abad  Jahrum Kazeroon Lamerd  Lar  Mamasani  Marvdasht  Nayreez  Sepeedan  Shiraz

Fars Province Province Map

Historical Monuments
  Afif Abad Edifice & Museum, Shiraz

  Band-e-Amir Bridge, Marvdasht

  Bishapour, Kazeroon

  Firooz Abad Fire Temple, Firooz Abad

 Hafiz Tomb, Shiraz

  Karim Khani Citadel, Shiraz

  Khan School, Shiraz

  Koorush Shrine, Marvdasht

  Moshir Arcade, Shiraz

  Naqsh-e-Rajab Engraving, Marvdasht

Afif Abad Garden

  Naqsh-e-Rostam Engraving, Marvdasht

  Naqsh-e-Shapour Engraving, Kazeroon

  Narenjestan Qavam Edifice & Museum, Shiraz

  Pasargadae, Marvdasht

  Persepolis, Marvdasht

  Sa'di Tomb, Shiraz

  Sassanide Palace, Sarvestan

  Shah Shuja Tomb, Shiraz

  Tang-e-Chowgan Cave (Shapour Statue), Kazeroon

  Vakil Bath, Shiraz

  Vakil Bazaar, Shiraz


  Persepolis (100 Pillar Palace)

  Persepolis Engravingns

Eram Park

Culture & Art

Qashqaie Tribe

Small Carpet Fars

Religious Monuments

  Atiq Jame' Mosque (Khodaikhaneh), Shiraz

  Nasirol Molk Mosque, Shiraz

  Shah Cheraq Mausoleum, Shiraz

  Vakil Mosque, Shiraz

Shah Cheragh Mausoleum

Travel and Accommodation , Fars
Fars is one of the most facilitated provinces of Iran. It was planned to receive national and international tourists because of its long time background in tourism industry. Fars is easily accessed by airport in Shiraz or by a network of roads. Accommodation facilities are multiple and quiet fancy in Shiraz. Shiraz has been a center of attraction for domestic and international tourism.  All cities and towns of the province are facilitated with different kinds of hotels and guesthouses.


Useful phones:
  Tourism Centre of Shiraz (0771) 6432091-9

   Tourism Office of Abadeh (0751) 2004

   Tourism Office of Jahrum (0791) 9704

   Tourism Office of Darab (0344) 5511

   Tourism Office of Fasa (0731) 8116-7

   Tourism Office of Kazeroon (0721) 5455-6

   Tourism Office of Shiraz (0711) 338032-3

   Shiraz Passport Office (0771) 6628822

   Shiraz International Air Port (0771) 22063

   Iran Air Information of Shiraz (0771) 20813-4

Darvaze Quran

 Hotel Homa, Shiraz (0771) 28000-14

  Hotel Talaar, Shiraz (0771) 42596

  Park Hotel, Shiraz (0771) 21426-31

  Hotel Parseyan, Shiraz (0771) 37512

  Hotel Apadana, Shiraz (0771) 59332

  Hotel Kawsar, Shiraz (0771) 35724-5

  Hotel Arg, Shiraz (0771) 22889

  Hotel Mahdi, Shiraz (0771) 33770

  Hotel Atlas, Shiraz (0771) 29225

  Hotel Roodaki, Shiraz (0771) 269000

 Hotel Eram, Shiraz (0771) 335108

 Hotel Qani, Shiraz (0771) 25374

 Hotel Fars, Shiraz (0771) 26659

  Hotel Djannati, Abadeh (0751) 3220

 Hotel Asre Djadeed, Shiraz (0711) 26064

 Tourism Guest House, Lar (0781) 2079

 Tourism Guest House, Fasa (0731) 4448-9

 Hotel Reza, Shiraz (0711) 22587

 Darab Guest House, Darab (07344) 4455

 Hotel Syna, Shiraz (0711) 25665

 Tourism Guest House, Firooz Abad (07242) 2105

 Tourism Guest House, Abadeh (0751) 2421

 Tourism Guest House, Shiraz (0711) 767501




Travel Agents, Shiraz
  Iran Air (Homa) Office (0771) 28000

  Hudhud Air Tour Office (0771) 676861

  Hidjrat Air Tour Office (0771) 668307

  Parvaz Air Tour Office (0771) 338542

  Air Tour Office (0771) 353633

  Cytco Shiraz Air Tour Office (0771) 333891

  Persia Tour Air Tour Office (0771) 338627

  Parseh Air Tour Office, Shiraz (0771) 664736


Restaurants, Shiraz
  Dehleez (0771) 333132

  Forodgah (Air Port) (0771) 22061-3

  Qou (0771) 54920

  Sarayeh Musheer (0771) 27937

  Homa (0771) 28000

  Sufi (No. 1) (0771) 663877

  Sufi (No. 2) (0771) 661573

  Kactoos (0771) 672619

  Kulbeh Doostan (0771) 666836

  Toos (0771) 47261

  Shahre Shab (0771) 667877


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