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Sun, May 26, 2019
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 Maragheh Museum

in Maragheh

Eastern Azarbaijan Museum

in Tabriz

Constitution Museum

in Tabriz

Other Musemums:
 Master Shahryar Museum



Population : 3,278,000  Area : 46,929.9 sq km  Altitude : 1,220 m  Average  Temperature : 11.3 º C


Geographical Position
Eastern Azerbaijan province is located in the northwest of Iran and covers an area of approximately 47,830 sq. km.

East Azarbayjan Province Position

Townships of Eastern Azerbaijan Province:
  Ahar    Bonab    Bostan  Abad   Haris  Hashtrood    Jolfa    Kalibar   Malekan  Marand Maraqeh    Mianeh    Sarab  Shabestar    Tabriz

East Azarbayjan Province Map

Historical Monuments
  Atash Neshani Tower, Tabriz

  Babak Castle, Kalibar

  Eil Goli Edifice, Tabriz

  Jamal Abad (Safavi) Carvansary, Mianeh

  Kabood (Hulako's Mother) Dome, Maraqeh

  Kordasht Bath, Kalibar

  Kordasht Castle, Kalibar

  Mashrootiyat (The Constitution) House, Tabriz

  Ohady Maraqehei Mausoleum, Maraqeh

Shoara (Poets) Tomb, Tabriz


  Qahqaheh Castle, Ahar

  Shabestary Mausoleum, Shabestar

  Shahr Dary (Municipality) Palace, Tabriz

  Shoara (Poets) Tombs, Tabriz

  Sorkh Dome, Maraqeh

  Tabriz Bazaar, Tabriz

Tabriz Bazaar


Religious Monuments

Ark Mosque, Tabriz

Kabood Mosque, Tabriz

Marand Jame' Mosque, Marand

Saint Stepanous Church, Jolfa

Tabriz Jame' Mosque, Tabriz

Tasooj Jame' Mosque, Shabestar

Tabriz Jame Mosque



Travel and Accommodation,

East Azarbayjan

The province of East Azarbayjan has a good network of telecommunications. There are enough hotels and places for accommodation. There is easy access from the International Airport of Tabriz to other cities of Iran and also to some foreign countries. The cities of Mianeh, Maraqeh, Tabriz, Marand, Shabestar, and Jolfa have an excellent railway connection to other parts of the country.


Useful phones:
  Tabriz Airport (0411) 22504

  Iran Air Information (0411) 79079

  Iran Air Tickets (0411) 35501

  Culture Office, Ahar (042622) 4733

  Culture Office, Tabriz (0411) 806071

  Culture Office, Shabester (0471212) 9880

  Culture Office, Maraqeh (04221) 25449

  Public Places Police, Ahar (042642) 2215

  Public Places Police, Tabriz (0411) 800771

  Public Places Police, Maraqeh (04221) 22260


  Hotel Tabriz (0411) 341082-9

  Eil Goli Picnic (0411) 306233

  Hotel Darya (0411) 449501-9

 Hotel Gusterash (0411) 245021-4

  Hotel Sina (0411) 56453

  Hotel Darya (0411) 5951

  Hotel Asia (0411) 59051-3

  Hotel Solmaz (0411) 3711

  Hotel Marmar (0411) 306680

  Hotel Qods (0411) 68098

  Hotel Park (0411) 58801

  Hotel Ark (0411) 57583

  Hotel Iran (0411) 449515

  Hotel Morvareed (0411) 56398

Hotel Eil Goli Picnic

  Bordbari (0411) 68534

  Eftekhari (0411) 66544

  Haj Ali (0411) 307007

  Momtaz (0411) 57187

  Mahtab (0411) 50131

  Lonapark (0411) 309912

Eil Goli Edifice, Tabriz

Travel Agencies
  Atourpatkan (0411) 59662

  Aras Tour (0411) 308469

  Azer Tour (0411) 59270

  Jahan Sayr (0411) 56000

  Azer Parvaz (0411) 59031-2

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