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Sat, June 06, 2020
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Rais- Ali Delvari Museum (1992)
Add: Bushehr, Delvar district, House of Rais- Ali Delvari
Tel: 4334
Visiting Hours:

Spring & Summer : 7:00 - 14:00
Autumn & Winter: 7:00 - 16:00
Closed on Fridays and religious holidays
This museum is in the historic mansion of Rais Ali Delvari and it has a collection of exhibits. It is also museum of Anthropology




Population : 743,675   Area : 27,653 sq km   Altitude : 20 m   Average  Temperature : 24.2 º C

Geographical Position
Bushehr province covers an area of 23,191 sq km. This province is located in the south of Iran and to the north of the Persian Gulf.

Bushehr Province Position

Cities of Bushehr Province:
  Bushehr Daylam

  Dashtestan Genaveh

  Dashti Kangan

  Dayer Tangestan

  Statue of Rais Ali Delvari

Bushehr Province  Map

Historical Monuments
  Ardeshir Palace, Dashtestan

  Chehel Khaneh Cave, Dashtestan

  Goor Dokhtar, Dashtestan

  Qavam Water Reservoir, Bushehr

  Siraf Ancient City, Bushehr

  Zar Khezer Khan Castle, Ahram

Goor Dokhtar, Dasht-e-Arjan

Religious Monuments



  Haji Mohammad Ebrahim Esfahani Tomb, Khark Island

Haji Mohammad Ebrahim Esfahani Tomb

  Sheikh Sa'dune Mosque, Bushehr

Entrance of Sheikh Sadune Mosque

Plasterwork of Dehdashti House

Dehdashti House, Bushehr

Travel and Accommodation , Bushehr
Easy access can be gained to the Bushehr province within the country and also from the Persian Gulf by air, sea or land.

 Bandar Abbas

Useful phones:
Public Places Police (0771) 27630

Customs Directorate (0771) 23093

Culture & Islamic Guidance (0771) 23093
Reza Hotel (0771) 23328

Tourist Guest House (0771) 22346-7

Delvar Hotel (0771) 26108

Tangsir Hotel (0771) 25210

Saadi Hotel (0771) 22605-7

Khalij Fars Hotel (0771) 27171

Lian Hotel (0771) 22967

Restaurants in Bushehr:
Aramesh (0771) 24826

Azadi (0771) 22771

Bushehr Khorak (0771) 23883

Dehdari (0771) 35683

Momtaz (0771) 23602

Naz Bushehr (0771) 24473

Pasyar (0771) 24361

Old port of Bushehr





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